Cheap DirectAdmin LifeTime License

We Offer the Cheapest Directadmin License! You get a Lifetime Directadmin License!


  • Unlimited Account
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Self-installation
  • Cloud/VPS
  • Dedicated Server


  • Unlimited Account
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Self-installation
  • Cloud/VPS
  • Dedicated Server

A Better Way To Manage Your Server

DirectAdmin Is A Hosting Control Panel Created By A Canadian Company Called JBMC Software.


Using the DirectAdmin control panel you can create and manage your email accounts, email forwarders, out of office replies, databases, FTP access, password protected directories, sub domains, additional websites and so much more.

DirectAdmin is the easiest to use Linux control panel.

DirectAdmin has been programmed to be the fastest. Succeeding in the web hosting business requires flexibility which DirectAdmin offers. Fast running and stable graphical web-based hosting control panel designed to make administration of websites easier.


No, we don’t offer free trial.

LifeTime/Yearly DirectAdmin standard license (Offical price is $ 29/month), best for webmasters, medium to large shared-hosting and/or reseller-hosting companies. No limit on accounts or domains.

Yes! We do offer a 14-days money back gurantee.

No, now we don’t any installation service!

No, we don’t. 

Please use Directadmin official forum support or Google!

Yes, you can change the Server or VPS IP/OS (every 6 months) through our support ticket.

Please note: The license we sell only support CentOS/Debian/FreeBSD.

Operating systems supported by DirectAdmin are listed in the table below.

Server OS Support Versions
CloudLinux (recommended) 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit, 8.x 64-bit
RedHat Enterprise / CentOS 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit, 8.x 64-bit
Debian 8.x 64-bit, 9.x 64-bit, 10.x 64-bit, 11.x 64-bit ALPHA
FreeBSD 11.x 64-bit, 12.x 64-bit

Feel free to modify these numbers as needed. FreeBSD and Debian store mysql databases in /home/mysql/.
For CentOS 7, use the xfs quota system. If you use ext4, add use_xfs_quota=0 to the directadmin.conf.

We highly recommend a processor of at least 500 Mhz even though DirectAdmin will run on slower systems. The more cores the better.

A minimum 1 GB of memory is required (2+ GB is preferred), with at least 2 GB of swap memory. (CentOS 8: 2Gig required, 4+ Gig preferred).

A hard drive with at least 2 gigabytes of free space (after the Linux install) is also required, not including any website data.

If you are expecting high traffic levels then you will need more memory, processor power, and hard drive space than we recommend here.

Intel and AMD should work fine. Solaris/Sparc will not.

Please visit this link to check the directadmin installation guide:

Please have Basic development/compiling tools such as gcc, g++, and perl.

***Please do not install services such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, Ftp, Sendmail, etc., as we will do this for you. All we need is a CLEAN install of your operating system.***
We do not recommend installing DirectAdmin on an existing live production server.
DirectAdmin does not convert existing data upon install.